Asphalt Paving


 Asphalt paving is made of a composite material used to surface or resurface roads and parking lots. We at Performance Paving Company, we offer quality services at affordable prices.  

Asphalt Milling


 Asphalt milling is a technique of removing the surface of a paved area, maybe a road, reprocessing the removed asphalt or concrete material of the surface, and finally relaying the reprocessed material back to its original or another new surface. Generally, it is a recycling process that involves milling and overlay. Milling is a maintenance process where the removed top layer of pavement is grounded using a pavement milling machine. 

Asphalt Overlay


 Asphalt overlay is a type of paving technique where one applies a new layer to a fading surface. The old asphalt surface is not entirely removed, but the existing asphalt layers are used as a base for brand new asphalt pavement. The asphalt surfaces that have severe destruction like potholes, rutting, expansions and huge cracks will require milling before an overlay can be applied to them. Asphalt overlay is a practical solution to minor damages while asphalt replacement is effective for severe sub-grade deficiencies.  

Crack Fill


 Cracks in asphalt are caused by: drying out and shrinking of asphalt,  water penetration and the freeze/thaw cycle in cold climates. Proper crack sealing will provide seal between asphalt and the sub-surface to prevent water from penetrating and causing costly asphalt repairs. 



  Sealcoating will provide a layer of protection blocking out the elements: water, oils, and U.V. damage. In addition, sealcoating provides a slip resistant surface with a deep black finish that beautifies the parking lot or driveway.   A regularly scheduled sealcoating program will more than double the life of the asphalt, saving you significant dollars down the line. Instead of having to pay thousands of dollars for new pavement, it is more cost effective to spend only pennies on the dollar per square foot to maintain. 

Asphalt Repair


 From simple pothole patching to more unusual and complex pothole repairs, we do it all. We are proud not only to offer quality pothole patching and repair services but also pocket-friendly services. We have literally everything you need to solve your pothole problems.